Francesca Alexandria Tugot
Manila, Philippines

My name is Francesca Alexandria, but people call me Alex for short. I graduated from the University of Santo Tomas with a degree in architecture in the year 2016. Currently, I am an architectural apprentice at Casas+ Architects Inc.

I’ve always had a passion for blogging. I started doing it “seriously” on Tumblr at age 14, with prior attempts on websites like Xanga and Multiply. Those websites may be long gone, but my passion for blogging remains. Many years (and many blogs) later, I finally landed here!

I’m in no way claiming that I am the greatest writer, or even a great writer for that matter, but I do find that I love sharing new things with lots of people, so why not share new things with allthe people! Expect my favourite food spots, vinyl finds, and misadventures on this blog.

Hearing from you would be great, too! Shoot me an email at hello@alextugot.com ♡